Become One Journey

2013 Ironman World Championship

In February 2013, I found out that I was selected as part of the BECOME ONE team to train for and compete in the 2013 Ironman World Championships in October.  The featured athlete and team captain, retired Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver and Superbowl MVP, was Hines Ward.  I was joined by my teammates Josh Kalb and Chrisann Dalton to accompany Hines on this journey.

The memorable journey took us through months of training, racing and growing.  Coached by 8 time Ironman World Champion, Paula Newby Fraser, I undertook the challenge and the obstacles that stood between me and the goal I set after losing my leg.

This part of my journey ends with  me crossing the finish line in 11 hrs and 54 minutes.  The lessons learned during this training launched my Ironman career being the first of seven Ironman finishes.  I spent hours and hours with my prosthetics practitioner, Peter Harsch, to develop a bike and run leg ready to take on the distances required.  This challenge was much more difficult then initially expected.  Three staff infections in the months approaching the race left me asking why I set this goal, but the support I received from my new friends and my family carried me through the race.

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Episode 1

Hines The Rookie

This debut episode of the BECOME ONE documentary series dives deep into Hines Ward’s initial triathlon training session with legendary athlete and eight-time IRONMAN World Champion Paula Newby-Fraser.

Episode 2

A Wake Up Call

In the second episode of the BECOME ONE documentary series, Hines Ward realizes he may have overcommitted to a busy work schedule and his training for the IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii, 2013.

Episode 3

Meet The Team

In the third episode, Hines Ward and his BECOME ONE teammates meet to train together for the first time. Eric is introduced in this episode and meets Hines, Paula and his two other teammates, Josh and Chrisann.

Episode 4

Facing Fears

Hines and Eric meet in San Diego where they visit the Challenged Athletes Foundation, struggle through an open water swim and prepare for their first sprint triathlon together.

Episode 5

Game Time: Sprint Triathlon

Watch Hines compete in his first ever triathlon alongside Eric in the Super Seal Sprint Triathlon in Coronado, California.  See some footage of the race and listen to the war stories told after the race.

Episode 6

Hines Runs an Olympic Trial

Hines meets up with IRONMAN World Champ, Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae, to train before the St. Anthony’s Triathlon, Hines’ first Olympic distance race.  He finishes strong and looks forward to his first Ironman 70.3.

Episode 7

Hines Trains in Hometown

Hines Ward takes a trip down memory lane to the University of Georgia. For this workout, coach Paula Newby-Fraser brings in one of America’s best long distance triathletes, the 2012 IRONMAN 70.3 pro champion, Tim O’Donnell.

Episode 8

The Team at Kansas 70.3

The team meets in Lawrence, Kansas to take on their biggest challenge to date: IRONMAN 70.3 Kansas. They will attempt their first 70.3 mile triathlon, which is half the distance of what they’ll do in Kona.

Episode 9

Hines Trains in Hawaii

Hines Ward travels to Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i to train and recover on what many claim is the toughest course in all of endurance sports. Hines attempts a swim, bike and run on the IRONMAN World Championship course.

Episode 10

The Final Stretch

Hines Ward heads back to Atlanta for his final training days before the IRONMAN World Championship. Up until this point, Hines has checked off all the boxes and done everything right. 

Episode 11

The Team During Race Week

The team meets in Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i for the final countdown before the IRONMAN World Championship. The last few days promise to be a whirlwind of a some last minute training.

Episode 12

Pre Race Nerves

The team gears up for the most important day in endurance sports. It’s been a long ten months of training and after all of the frenzied action of race week, race morning is eerily quiet. 

Episode 13

The Big Race

It’s game day in the thirteenth episode of the BECOME ONE documentary series. Watch the team take on the course and revisit the journey.  Watch to see how Eric and the rest of the Become One team do on the course.

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