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MTN Meister

A Changed Identity With Eric McElvenny (#175)

July 2015

Less than two years after stepping on the IED, he stepped up to the starting line at the Kona Ironman and completed the race in 11 hours and 54 minutes.  Explore the transition from Marine to Ironman. 

The Knowbodies Podcast

The Cycle of Progress

Jan 2018

In this episode we dive into Eric’s recovery from his right below knee amputation, including his time in physical therapy and what it took to become an Ironman.


Life in the Cracks

On Overcoming Obstacles, Becoming a Triathlete and Leading His Family

Nov 2017

This episode is full of moments that will inspire you and some that will make you examine your priorities. Eric has been through much and the lessons he has learned are ones that can benefit anyone.

CJ Evolution

Retired Marine and Endurance Athlete

Feb 2018

The Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast. In this episode, Patrick welcomes Eric McELVenny. Eric is an endurance athlete living in Pittsburg, PA.


TAO of Sports Podcast

Eric McElvenny (Motivational Speaker) Episode 850

Jan 2018

Injured Marine Captain Eric McElvenny discusses his return from injury, how he looked at staying positive, and what goals he has for the future beyond sport.